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May 8 16 1:20 PM

WOW! I met him in Japan in 1976. He signed one of his LP's either Snowflakes are Dancing or "Planets". The artwork on those album covers was great. I'll have to find them and post a pic

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May 8 16 2:30 PM

The first one I ever heard was "Bermuda Triangle", I managed to talk my sister into buying it, sight unseen, - on pink coral vinyl..!!

Check out the "Instant Phaser" and "Instant Flanger on this cut:

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May 8 16 2:58 PM

My mum bought Snowflakes Are Dancing on vinyl when I was a kid and I wore it out. Same with Pictures at an Exhibition. I also bought Cosmos later on. To this day, I still have a deep appreciation for both Debussy and Mussorgsky because of those records. And yes, that back cover of Snowflakes Are Dancing was fascinating. That picture of Tomita in front of his gear and that list. It really captured my imagination too.

RIP Isao Tomita

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May 8 16 3:25 PM


I had a grade school music teacher that played his music when I was really young; it definitely is one of the things that interested me in pursuing learning and playing music.

Nice clips, observations and thoughts in the thread.

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