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Jul 4 16 8:23 PM

When I registered my RedNet hardware, Focusrite threw in the Red 2 and Red 3 plug-ins but I never tried them. On the odd occasion Acustica doesn't fill the bill, DMG Compassion and SSL X-Comp are my usual go-to DSP compression plug-ins. Over the weekend, after automating some drums all that I could, I finally decided to throw a bit of compression on the BD. Just for grins, I tried the Focusrite Red 3 plug-in and I really like what it's doing. It's giving the BD a nice aggressive smack but not too aggressive. It's just right and the BD is cutting through the mix nicely. I'm going to start experimenting with these plug-ins more. It's too bad they don't offer a demo.

Anyway, I hope my fellow Americans are having a happy July 4th holiday.

EDIT: Apparently, if you download and install the Red plug-ins without authorizing them, they run in demo mode. Also, if you have registered an audio interface with Focusrite, log in and check your Focusrite account. You might get them for free also. 

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