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Oct 29 16 4:16 PM

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Hello All,

I'm a loss on what to do or how to proceed so I thought I would ask the experts here. I purchased a Sony C37a from a very well know and respected pro audio seller I purshased this mic for two specific sessions I had back to back in July and August. The mic arrived and was in perfect condition, it really is a thing of beauty. So I use it for the first time and it starts off sounding great by the second take their is a really noticible increase in noise. I contiune to try to use it but really its to noisey to use. Sometimes power cycling the power supply would make it go away for a while but it would randomly come back. Sometimes the mic would be fine for an hour or so but then the noise would be back. Did a bunch of trouble shooting cables, diffrent pres, diffrent outlets etc. Took it to my friends studio and it had the same issue. Sent it back to the seller and their tech was not able to replicate the issue on the bench. They swapped tubes and sent it back. Go to use it for my second session and at first seems ok but then the noise is back. This particuliar session I was recording guitar for the biggest musician I have ever recorded obviously I wanted to make a good impression. It killed me to have to switch mics and ask him to do it again. Its crazy because the mic sounds so great and then within the same take it will go from a little noisey (but usable) to totally unusable.

The other issue with the mic is it fails the "breath test" when I tried it at first it was early august in upstate New York which was very humid but the mic would completely drop out when applying the test. I sent it back for second time and they had it for quite a while. They were still not able to replicate the noise issue on the bench but they replaced the caps in the power supply and sent it back.  Now the tricky thing is I had to leave for a 2 month tour so haven't been able test it at all. It did go to a very good friend who is a much better engineer and a mento to me. He says its now much quiter then before, sounds great, and hasen't heard the strange noise coming back but, while it doesn't completely drop out during the breath test it does lose 15db and takes 5-10 seconds to come back.

I guess i'm really asking how should I proceed. The company has been absoultely great in the customer service department but, I paid a
premium to buy it from them ( passed on a few from local sellers or ebay which were much cheaper) they do offer an warrenty but the capsule isn't covered. I could send it back and ask for another one from them although this has been an option from them for 4 months and they still don't have another one availble to send, they are waiting to get re-skined capsules back. They also have a sequential serial numbered pair which I agree probaly shouldn't be broken up. I could also just return it and get a refund and take my chances on one from the internet. There is one available now for a little more then half of what I paid. The capsule really does stress me out to pay the premium and not have it covered vs paying way less and having a capsule that doesn't fail the breath test.

Any words of wisdom or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone  
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Oct 30 16 8:50 AM

compasspnt wrote:
Nothing like the joys of old microphones.

Wish I had a solution instead of a homily, but best of luck to you!

This is why I happily use modern microphones that are, in many ways, made much like the originals.  IMO, it's 'bad form' to create a situation where clients/artists have their session progress controlled by a finicky or flakey microphone.  YMMV.  

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Oct 30 16 2:05 PM

I'm not sure what "the breath test" is, but if blowing warm moist air on the mic makes it fart and crackle, then cleaning the capsule might indeed help. Microphone experts recoment that you don't try this at home, kids, The best procedure for cleaning one diaphragm might not be best for another one.

For a good time, call mikeriversaudio.wordpress.com

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Oct 30 16 4:32 PM

All the hallmarks of a dirty capsule. If they will take it back, I'd send it back. Just me. 

I would also also stay FAR away from reskinned capsules on any vintage microphone 

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Oct 31 16 12:28 AM

Take them up on their offer and start with a fresh mic. Don't start with repairs. I know of no audio dealer who has a qualified vintage microphone repair expert on staff (too expensive to keep).
And don't be too concerned with "breaking up a pair". These are luxury items, for heaven's sake, not kidneys.

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