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Feb 9 17 4:51 PM

Neil Innes will tell you the parodies were a little too good.  From the Wikipedia article...

"Following the release of the 1978 The Rutles album, ATV Music, the then-owner of the publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue, sued Innes for copyright infringement. Though Innes hired a musicologist to defend the originality of his songs,[11] he settled with ATV out of court for 50% of the royalties on the 14 songs included on the album.[12] As of early 2006, these six songs from the first Rutles CD (which were not on the original LP release, but some of which were included in the television film) are credited solely to Neil Innes: "Baby Let Me Be", "Between Us", "Blue Suede Schubert", "Get Up And Go", "Goose Step Mama", and "It's Looking Good".[13] The other 14 songs from the CD (all songs from the original LP release) have all had John Lennon and Paul McCartney added to the songwriting credits."


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Feb 9 17 6:06 PM

I love:

a glass of of wine with Gertrude Stein I know I'll never share
but that's just fine that's just the kind of cross each man must bear
i'm on my way I cannot stay another day


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