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Feb 10 17 11:34 AM

chance wrote:
I just had a thought. Probably the most viewed sponsor spots was Bose. Everyones headset mic had "Bose" on it

Good article on the Bose deal here
Motorola had the deal for years before Bose, but the article says that they were just putting their logo on another manu's head sets,
where it seems Bose did a lot of R&D and developed the noise cancelling feature because of the crowd noise.
The other product placement that you see on the side lines quite a bit is the Surface 4.

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Feb 13 17 11:16 AM

Gaga has my huge respect since she did that amazing collaboration with Tony Bennett  (how is that guy still alive and singing?!) and of course the brilliant Oscar peformance. I try not to judge harshly anything she does after that, she's just too talented!

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