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Feb 4 17 2:40 AM

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Any experiences to share?

André Champaloux 

"The biggest question this thread has actually raised is: When do we start to serve the artist more than our insecurities?" - Fletcher

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Feb 5 17 10:41 AM

adam brown wrote:
It appears to be a social media app catering to musicians, artists, groups ect.

Couldn't they have come up with a better name?  The immediate image is 'drooling Google'.  

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Feb 5 17 12:42 PM

harland wrote:
There have been countless things like this attempted over the years with very little success.

I guess we don't need a dot com to help us find somone who will ask us to work for free...... :) :)  :)


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Feb 13 17 11:32 AM

Yeah it would be great if someone could share anything about this. I saw a facebook post about some drum solo competition they were doing a while ago. Haven't made an account yet but it looks cool, I may try it when I have some time. 

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