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Sep 8 16 10:26 AM

The linked article below does not contain indecent material but still should be considered NSFW due to the subject matter.

It's funny how "festish" photography could not only be about BSMD, but also just photos of legs and feet.  Photos of legs and feet were seen as much more obscene in the U.S. than those of breasts or buttocks. Here's an interesting article on the subject.  http://dangerousminds.net/comments/the_pioneering_erotic_fetish_photography_by_the_dean_of_leg_art_elmer_batte

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Aqua Marine

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Sep 9 16 4:49 AM

I have some early 1900 porn of my dads. Little pamphlets that came from France. They have everything from straight to fetiish to gay pictures in there. Very risky for the times. I also have a few Adventures of the Fuller Brush Man ones... Seems like it really paid off to be a Fuller Brush salesman!

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