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Apr 11 17 5:13 AM

weedywet wrote:
If you want traditional flats, the pyramids are aces. 

I just have come to prefer the nylon tapewounds. 

The boiling thing revitalises them partially for another show or two, but that's about it. 

To really sound right, roundwounds need to be new. 
On the road now in Australia I'm changing  every three shows. 

I saw the clip of you playing with Boy George the other day. Top news on Facebook!


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Apr 11 17 8:59 PM

I always liked the songs that Boy George and company came out with back in the 1980s. Some people thought he was a little too weird, but I closed my eyes and listened to the music instead of watching the MTV videos. I had no idea that W2 ever played with BG, but I don't do Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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