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Apr 7 17 11:58 PM

I think you mean "Coochi-coochi" - a Hoochy Coochy Gal (maybe with a slightly different spelling) was a dancer in a traveling show during the depression - usually a prostitute as well.

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Apr 8 17 11:58 PM

She's actually a pretty good musician when she's not being an 'entertainer'. I did a bunch of live shows with her, around '06-'07, and she's a total pro and a great pleasure to work with. 
The band fell in love with her, we had big fun.

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Apr 9 17 8:36 AM

I remember her from "The Love Boat". I don't remember her playing the guitar (which she obviously does marvelously), they used to have her shake her booty every time she made an appearance.

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Apr 9 17 9:49 AM

I saw her in Hawaii performing outside under the stars, it was a magical night on Waikiki beach that night. I'll never forget how good she was. She also knew how to work the room. A true entertainer.

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