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Apr 18 17 10:40 PM

Well, that's disappointing. One wonders whether Escher actually understood who the Roling Stones were (are.)....

Wonder why the pundit responsible for the article felt the need to dredge up this bit of minor dirt at this rather late date. He should have kept his fat mouth shut.

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Apr 19 17 10:13 AM

Well, he wasn't a stones fan and didn't care about who they were(I'm presuming).

Mick Jagger referring to him by his first name out of nowhere, depending on the individual addressed to, could come across as slightly disrespectful.

Hippie vs an intellectual sometimes doesn't work unless either are both.

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Apr 19 17 10:56 AM

Dear Mr. Escher:

Robert and I have written a lovely little song for our fourth album, and we're thinking your piece entitled "Stairs" would illustrate the single cover nicely.How about it?

Jimmy Page

"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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Apr 19 17 11:21 AM

At least he liked (licensed to) Mott The Hoople) who were hoping to somewhat ride the Stone's coat tails.
..but who knows the validity of the letter.. frikkin' artists…

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Apr 19 17 11:50 PM

I do miss etiquette, and manners sometimes. I have a dishwasher from another country who thanks me when I bring her a dirty dish to clean. I can't help but to thank her back. It always makes me smile. I have a chef who only calls me sir. I'm normally very  informal, but must admit it adds a level of proffesionalism to our discourse which makes for a nice day.

I don't remember the name now, but once read from a highly regarded intellectual that the sign of a civilization in decline has always been the loss off manners. 

Mr. Jagger should have not addressed him by his first name - especially in that era :)

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