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Apr 19 17 3:43 PM

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Apparently Ian Boxill is releasing an EP Friday and they are not happy about it.

Recorded 2006 - 2008.

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d gauss

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Apr 19 17 10:13 PM

those songs have been out there for awhile now. "deliverance" and "i am" i really like. considering he left no will, i imagine the posthumous official release of prince vault music is gonna be 10 times the clusterfuck that the hendrix stuff was/is. damn i miss him...

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Apr 21 17 2:41 PM

I see both sides: if he really didn't want it to ever see the light of day, why save it? He could have recorded over and over on the same reel of tape.
What's the purpose of the vault? Who gets access?

Yes, a will would have helped a LOT.

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Apr 27 17 7:11 PM

zmix wrote:
To me this is the height of criminal disrespect.

This should never happen. Period.


While I would love to hear Prince's tracks, I am starting to gain more understanding about respecting artists who have left us. Some of you might remember that 2" EMI John Lennon tape from Apple Studios in London, that I (still) have. I have contacted Yoko, Julien, Sean, Ken Scott, and someone here turned me on to Ringo's attorney. The songs? "Peace Song" and "Other Cities like London. It is like this tape has a curse on it. No one wants to get into it or even talk about it. I just don't understand, but found out today, that if those songs were ever to be released in any form, I would get sued, and it would open a can of worms, and expose many skelitons in the closet that need to remain closed.  What worms? What Skelitons? It's not for any of us to know. Best left alone under the advice of those who DO know

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