Aqua Marine

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May 7 17 2:21 PM

So sorry to hear Seth, condolences.

Awww, little safety zone in the kick drum.

RIP Buddy.

Silvertone Mastering, celebrating 28 years in business.


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Platinum Blonde

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May 8 17 11:41 AM

Sorry to hear about Buddy, Seth.

We lost Rocky a year ago today and I didn't feel like posting about it at the time - he was Linda's favorite and she took it very hard.  She's still a bit down in fact - I'm not mentioning the anniversary to her.
The last of our 6 cats is Rocky's brother Snowball, who has made a miraculous recovery in the last month after a year of losing weight and urinary problems. After dozens of vet and emergency trips it turns out he couldn't digest the recommended cat food and when we switched to a rabbit and lamb based diet he regained a pound in a couple of weeks. He'll be 19 in June. (There's a shot of the two of them in another discussion here.)

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Ruby Baby

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May 8 17 11:05 PM

Thanks guys. Holly (Buddy's sister, Buddy and Holly....) is howling a lot and seems a little disoriented, but she'll get used to the new reality in time.

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