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Apr 16 13 4:47 PM

Jakob is something else. This unit sounds fantastic. After using it I wouldn't want to mix without one.

Tim Campbell Campbell Transmitter

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Apr 16 13 6:00 PM

That reminds me, we may get our hands on an Optimod 8100 soon. Multi-band clipping and some really clever circuitry that cancels out the IM.

"No one did this ever before." Not quite. But using passive circuitry to do it -- wow!

Fenris Wulf, KDVS Studio Tech

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Apr 17 13 11:11 PM

Actually, the G21 is not at all related to the Optimod anymore.

 It is true that we last summer looked a lot into the optimods when we experimented with ways to control the circuit (as the public discussion over at groupdiy shows), but we ended up having to take an entirely different route - mainly because of the obvious inherent problems in the optimod architecture. It would work well for blind level optimizing, but NOT for sounding neutral/transparant while doing so - and it's idea is to be set-and-forget, where our aim is a very high degree of precise control..

Regarding Vonnegut - you're the first one to spot it!! ;-)

Jakob E.

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Mar 22 14 4:10 AM

I've since had the chance to hear some tracks that were mastered with this unit and they sounded fantastic. I have an open invite to spend an evening at a friends studio using and listening, time has been a challenge.

I don't really have a way to describe what I heard but I will report back once I've spent more time with it. I will say that the word clipping conjures up images of audio destruction and what I heard was very musical and punchy.

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Mar 30 14 10:21 AM

weedywet wrote:
if they're not paying the Vonnegut estate they should be shot

"Inundibulum"  simply describes anything which a funnel shaped..  seems like a good name for a device that "shoe-horns" all those pesky peaks into a neat little brick.

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