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Mar 4 14 12:26 AM

There is a ton and a half of Americana artists in Austin who leave "The Free Music Capitol of the World" for Europe where they can earn actual money.

hank alrich

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May 2 15 11:21 AM

I host house concerts here at my place about every two months. The shows are in my basement, which houses the studio's private pub...
We call the events "Minstrels and Mayhem"

30 invited guests...
Artists usually perform a one hour set, with a 20 min opening act.
Pretty much all acoustic, (thru a small PA) mounted in the rafters of the room,
Recorded straight to Laptop, via 8 mic / line inputs.
It is what it is...

So far it's been a real blast.

Cheers Paul www.millbrooksoundstudio.com 

A coupla, two, tree, credits...http://www.discogs.com/search/?q=paul+orofino&type=all

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