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Mar 6 14 2:06 PM

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 Salutations all! My apologies for not posting more often, I truly like it here, and have enjoyed every thread I have been in. I guess I feel I should post more, but alas, my business takes up so much of my time...nonetheless...
I am posting today to announce two new pieces I have developed and am naturally quite excited about! Please, if you have any questions, feel free to email me mics@roninappliedsciences.com

I sometimes have a proclivity for long posts, so in an effort to be efficient I am going to just go over the basics here (as there are a lot of nuances to these goodies)!
 1) The Dove: $2300US 1a) -A non-phantom powered solid state microphone. It is a multi-stage Fet and Bipolar amp…powered by +/-18V rails and 40mA idle current, with a separate 60V capsule rail. There are no dc to dc converters, no oscillators etc…No phantom gave me the opportunity to create any circuit I wanted without having to use the workarounds of -or just being outright constrained by- the power limitations of phantom. While phantom works, it is a design constraint. As far as we know this is the only currently made LDC with no phantom2a) -This, as far as I know, is the first (and only) LDC with no output capacitor (in my opinion the best cap is no cap). This is implemented by the use of a dc servo directly mating the (1:1) output transformer to the circuit. We've all seen this done in a few pretty great preamps (John Hardy for one), so why not mics? I have found it greatly contributes to fidelity (subjectively, and if done correctly, objectively -if one were to include lessened distortions as a metric to objectively define fidelity-) 3a) -The capsule is born of the CK12 family, however with SIGNIFICANT alterations. It would be misleading to say this sounds like a C12. Nonetheless, lessens learned from my time spent creating the Pegasus has allowed me to take the implementation of backplate design and modification with low mass  diaphragms in my own direction. The Dove has 1.2micron diaphragms with backplates machined in the US according to our desired alterations 
-additional info:
Completely domestically designed and made (including body/chassis machining)
Cardas interconnect
Cardioid only
Lundahl output transformer   

2) The Archangel: $1500US 2a) -A completely passive gain preamp. All gain is provided by a series of step up transformers (Lundahl and Jensen). It uses tubes simply as buffers between stages. This provides us with an entirely different idea of the "sound of clean"…as it measures wonderfully, but sounds2b) -Autoformer level control. This allows us to control level in a unique and beneficial way. We no longer need to rely on either 1: A varying amount of feedback to control gain (which subtly alters bandwidth and all distortion products of the gain stage), or, 2) A pot to ground between stages (which alters the source and load Z's the stages on either side of said pot)…both methods can produce small interactions between stages…not to mention altering level before another gain stage or the output stage changes the resultant distortion of said following stage. Given that either method is almost always placed before the output driver stage, it will almost always degrade signal to noise more than necessary (as the output stage itself usually always has a constant voltage on it, thus noise of its own). With us using the autoformer as the actual output stage there is no pot or feedback between stages, lessened signal to noise degradation when attenuating, and the added benefit of the reflected load being reduced with every step down (in other words, drive can INCREASE when attenuating)! Essentially all of this creates a pre with enormous level handling capabilities (no need for a pad, which are almost always audible in a negative fashion) with no "sweet spot" across its entire operating point. We find this preamp to be totally sonically consistent regardless of input level or attenuation.
-additional info:
Bi-polar +/- 50V rails and 36mA idle current
No coupling caps in the signal path
Completely domestically designed and made (even the knob is designed by us)
6C45PI and 6H30 current sunk tube buffers  

​Here is a review..(not bad in my humble opinion)http://tapeop.com/reviews/gear/99/dove-ldc-fet-mic/  For anyone who finds "clips" useful, here is an entire record tracked with a Dove and Archangel combo. You can find some details of said recording in the review. https://soundcloud.com/sashadobson/black-is-the-color-of-my-true  

​….and just for fun….here

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Mar 6 14 3:27 PM

I forgot to post pics!

But I guess I am somewhat dense today as I cannot figure out how to attach my images, my apologies, I'm sure it's sitting right in front of me. However, I guess going to the website is just as good. www.roninappliedsciences.com

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