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Jun 11 14 12:38 PM

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     One of my clients uses a combo of splitters, mackie802 mixer and presonus headphone amp to facilitate his personal monitoring while performing onstage. He recently switched to the JH Audio (JH16 model) in ear monitor, and is finding the Presonus and Mackie headphone amps to not deliver clear audio when the volume knob is turned past 2pm (from a 6pm starting point). I am wondering if there is a 1/3 rack sized, higher power/fidelity headphone mixer. All of what I find seems to remain in the prosumer camps of Behrenger, Presonus, Samson, etc....
   Maybe I should look into DIYing my own?
link to the in-ears: http://www.jhaudio.com/product/jh16-pro-custom-ear-monitor

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