Aug 6 14 2:59 PM

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Hello there!

I've been to the house of Jean-Claude Lassale a French speakers builder to have a listen to his spkeakers the JCL 3V500 A.

JCL 3V500 A

We were using the amp from my mastering studio an Abacus 60-120C Power Edition.

I can tell you that these speakers blew my away.

I'm used of high-end speakers (Tylers, B&W 801-802, ATC, Martion Orgon, Bullfrog………), and the low end is so tight, accurate and precise. 

Mids are true and clear, we can feel all the layers of a mix! Highs are stunning too and well dimensioned, really opened without harshness on all types of music we tested throughout (Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Classical).

What was crazy too was the Clever Control, Enslavement of Speakers.
It gave low end so much presence and tightness. WOAW!!!
I heard palm mutes on Commerford's bass during Bullet in The Head of RATM that I've never heard like this.

Twisted design is well done too, and the speakers are vibrating really less than others.

Bref, go there http://www.jclaudio.fr/index-en.html

You can ask me for the PDF of measurements or contact Jean-Claude, he is amazing.

Best regards.

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