Sep 5 14 8:00 PM

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I'm going to work on delivering some more plugins soon, promise. Both the commercial ones and some freebie ideas I've had.
On the other hand now I can see why I've been stressing to think up stuff that's not already covered, because I have 114 distinct plugins (new, old, pay and free) accounted for on this site, with another 43 slated to list next week. I am exhausted from writing up notes on all these things.
But what it means is, it's now much MUCH easier to look over the work I've done since 2007.
It's easy to see what I've been up to lately.
It's easy to go into categories (spatial, emulation, mastering, EQ, etc) to get a subset of the things. I've also been honest and straightforward about what changed when and why, and about the stuff that got replaced or improved. Where I could, I added pictures of the plugins, and added demo downloads.
Everything that existed as an update (and that means full-on 64 bit/32 bit/PPC, current and maintained) has been or is being listed, complete with whatever newer thing you'd buy in order to qualify for getting the old for-pay thing for the asking.
Everything free (55 plugins and things) is documented and talked about so you know what the heck it is.
I thought this was an okay time to mention that I've been doing all this work the last week, with probably another week before I can return to coding.
Hope somebody finds something nice, whether pay or freebie! That's kind of the point.

Chris Johnson, airwindows.com