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The Battle Crowds Collection by Coll Anderson / C.A Sound, Inc is now available on Sonniss... This library contains over 10GB of high-quality battle crowds and civilian sound effects (Walla) in 500+ royalty-free source files with thousands of vocal variations (ranging from male, female, soft, hard, high, low and mid-ranged vocal dynamics). This collection of pre-edited source recordings has everything you need to audibly re-construct just about any type of battle or civil-unrest scene... and then some! 


Includes full meta-information and recorded entirely at 96k / 24bit with over 100 people in a highly controlled outdoor

 [url=http://www.sonniss.com/sound-effects/battle-crowds-library/]The Battle Crowd Collection | Sonniss.com[/url]

Get 25% off this library using DISCOUNT CODE: EARLYBIRD

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