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Feb 7 12 3:13 PM

In excel, type a row of boxes, with a " * " asterisk in each box, -for say 24 cells.
In the first cell of the row underneath, type a 1. In the next cell type a 2. -

Now, highlight both cells, and click on the lower right of the '2' cell.  

 Stretch this all the way to the cell beneath the last asterisk/star. Now all should be sequanteially numbered

 1 through 24.

Now highlight all columns and rows... by clicking on the "<>" button to the left of column 'A'

 and above row '1'. all squares on the page should now highlight.

In the text formatting options, select text centered (as opposed to left or right justified).

Now, move the cursor to the dividing line between columns 'A' and 'B'. Click and you'll see the 

 width of that column. Pick a number, and you'll notice that ALL columns are now set to that width.

Print preview and see if the APPROXIMATE correct number of asterisk stars are present on the page…

 If it looks somewhere ball-park near, print and compare against the patchbay socket spacing.

If it's spot on (it won't be... NOBODY is that lucky!) then you move on to type in what you need.

If it is too tightly-grouped, re-highlight all the cells (by clicking on the "<>" again) and increase the

 column width of one column (again, by clicking on the dividing line between column identification

 letters and dragging it wider). If it's too large, do the opposite.

Print, Test.

Okay, you'll likely get to the point where say 3.17 (0.33 inches) is too tightly-grouped, and 3.33 (0.35 inches)

 is slightly too widely-spaced. -IN that case, you set all column widths to 3.17, then set every ALTERNATE

 column (B, D, F, and so on) to 3.33.

Print. Test.

So far we're at about three and a half minutes, maybe four sheets of paper (two if you use both sides!) and you

 should be about there.

once you're there, set the all row HEIGHTs to about half the required label height. On one row insert the numbers.

 On the row above, highlight a GROUP of cells, and use the 'merge cells' function (control-1) to center a label like

 "Microphone preamp inputs" on the upper row, while the numeric row beneath it identifies each one by number.

After that, I sometimes add third 'in-between' lines with smaller font sizes and all sorts of freaky stuff.

But I can then use COLOR and a color printer. -And I can share excel files with almost anyone.

Oh yeah... -I get real freaky wit' da labels!

-Keith Andrews -If I can't fix it, I can fix it so NOBODY can fix it!

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Aqua Marine

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Feb 7 12 3:30 PM

There's a little bit of three-line action going on here (see "23" between "AV Routr" and L / R):

Also, you can add 'marker' lines to delineate between groups, using the 'outline/grid' functions... even 'draw' the lines with a pencil tool, in

 various thicknesses as needed.

some more 3-line stuff (the DTS encoder and decoder, color-coded pastel pink):

A long-shot of the overall color coding: Dialog is yellow, Music is red, FX is green, and shared/'cross-border' things are other colors

-Keith Andrews -If I can't fix it, I can fix it so NOBODY can fix it!

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Jul 1 15 10:48 AM

I wish I had known this years ago. I had to do this manually trying to figure out how to space each horizontal and vertical line....

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