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Jan 31 15 5:16 PM

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I'm about to enter the last phases of building a one room home workspace (340 sf/3400 cf) and could use some advice on an appropriate level of surge protection and power conditioning. The studio insurance carrier requires that I have surge protection and UPS at least on the mixer and computer-related gear and I do have a good amount of outboard along with one of API's new baby desks to protect. What are others with home studios doing?
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Feb 1 15 6:50 PM

dave harrison wrote:
I would run a single 20A circuit to the space and protect it with this:


I would try to talk them out of the UPS... but if you have to, get a good pure sine wave on-line UPS... Only connect the UPS to the computer and peripherals.

20A seems awfully small to me.  I've put PMC rigs in rooms that size that will use 20A by themselves.

You never know where there work will take you in the future, adding a console, larger active speakers etc.  I'd want more power available for a new build out. 

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Feb 2 15 11:45 AM

+1 on Surgex.

I've specified dozens of these: http://powerquality.eaton.com/Products-services/Backup-Power-UPS/EX-RM.aspx?GUID=92F9DCA3-E2D7-4E20-88BC-C609941792F7
They are the old MGE EXR2200s - they may be obsolete, but the takeaway is that they are 'On-Line' UPSs. Lots of other products are available from Eaton.

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