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Feb 10 15 11:38 AM

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Hi Everybody,

Still looking at split options. Been looking a lot at the Radial OX8-- which everyone seems to agree is fantastic.
Anybody have experience with these models from Violet Audio: http://www.frontendaudio.com/Violet-Audio-DX16T-Splitter-p/9999-07788.htm?gclid=CKLyo-bl18MCFShn7Aodti4ATg&click=18920

Pretty interesting, especially since you get a 16ch device for the cost of the 8ch Radial. Thanks!!!

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tim halligan

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Feb 10 15 12:42 PM

It doesn't specifically say, but I suspect it won't pass phantom.

If this is the case, is this a problem for you?


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Feb 10 15 2:32 PM

Hmmm.... interesting point. That hadn't actually occured to me, as I assumed one of the output sections would be direct. Especially since they make the suggestion in the description that you would use it for FOH, Monitors and Records. But then it also has the bit about the transformer being specifically designed to split 1:3.

I just reached out to Violet support-- it'll be interesting to hear what they have to say.

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