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Apr 16 15 8:01 AM

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I currently work out of a garage / boiler room built in 1906. Noisey and inefficient heat in the winter, near non-existent a-c in the summer. If temps never got over 70° outside, life in here would be grand. As I save funds for a ductless unit, I have wondered about early studios and how they compensated for barometric and temperature fluctuations. 
So I see that a-c is an ancient idea, though I can't seem to find when it became the norm. I remember my folks putting in a whole house system sometime in the 80's, but have no recollection of pre-temp control life....
Did everybody get a damp hanky when sessioning in Sun Studios? An ice bucket for your feetsies while Symphonizing at RCA?
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Apr 16 15 8:49 AM

good question! I was definitely one of the last kids to attend all of elementary school in Memphis with no air conditioning. I'm here to tell you, it sucked in those warmer months! I can't imagine what a recording studio with all the treatments, etc. must have been like. Did they have AC very early on at Muscle Shoals? I bet that got hot if they didn't.

brad allen williams

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Apr 16 15 8:58 AM

MS had A/C, Stax as well, and certainly ealry Ardent. I'm pretty sure there was some sort of unit at Sun.

They weren't nearly as efficient of course as today's.

I can recall well when the A/C would go out at Ardent in the mid 60s, it was brutal in the Summer (and not so good in the Winter either), and we had to either severely suffer through it, or more likely, just stop.

I sure can appreciate a nice modern Mini Split system…

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dave harrison

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Apr 16 15 10:26 AM

HA! Terry's comment about the winter made me remember a conversation I had with an HVAC guy 25 years ago about how we ran the A/C in the winter... he just didn't get it.

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Apr 17 15 7:07 AM

AC has always been a problem in west Texas, be it always running, mechanical noise, or just wind noise in the mics...even the > $1M dollar rooms I've worked jn... 

Ken Morgan

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