Apr 25 15 3:03 PM

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Salt Lake City, Utah (April 25, 2015)—Samar Audio Design is excited to announce the new, completely original, modern design VL37 ribbon microphone. Created for a wide range of applications, it delivers the same sonic performance as our critically acclaimed Samar MF65 (both microphones use the same internal parts) for less than half the price, and is a much more affordable solution for professional and home studios. It is entirely handcrafted and meticulously assembled using parts made exclusively in our US shop.

For balanced sound and extended frequency response exceeding well beyond any figure 8 ribbon microphone on the market past or present, Samar Audio has created one of the most advanced and sophisticated motors. Coupling the motor with the use of toroidal transformers (which were designed and tuned specifically for this particular model and made in-house) has allowed us to achieve unprecedented top frequency response over 25kHz.

For consistency and the highest possible performance, the microphone has a mechanism of fine ribbon adjustment. The proprietary corrugation process helps to maintain ribbon shape without special storage precautions. The microphone body is made out of stainless steel and the separate top and bottom caps fit seamlessly for a streamlined appearance.

The VL37 tonal balance combines vintage vibe with modern sound, creating a unique but affordable recording tool. Its bi-directional, figure 8, symmetrical polar pattern is perfect when used on vocals, choir, piano, violin, orchestra, brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, speaker cabinets, drum overheads, room microphones, among other recording and broadcast applications.

Handcrafted in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA VL37 comes with 5-year parts warranty, and a 2 year limited ribbon replacement guarantee.

The VL37 is being offered for sale directly for $899 USD with a Risk-Free 15-Day trial.

 Please see our website for more information, introductory special, and to place an order.