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Aug 4 15 10:46 AM

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There hasn't been much activity here over the last few weeks (maybe nobody's having any Reaper problems? I know that I haven't had a hiccup in my system for a year and a half. What's a crash? What's a restart? Pretty neat.), so I figured that I'd throw in some interesting theme-related odds and ends while we wait for V5's release.

For the Star Trek fans....this really shows how much Reaper's UI can be modified. I've used it during classes, and it works fine. Obviously a bit hard on the eyes for long periods (maybe there's a reason that LaForge was blind), but it does demonstrate how far theming can be taken.




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Aug 11 15 4:37 PM

compasspnt wrote:
Ha, wow...not sure how long I could stare at that one!

Could be good to stop people from looking at the screen instead of listening.

Darin K.

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