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Dec 31 15 3:08 PM

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Since I first walked into a multitrack recording studio in 1977, it has been known by the assistansts, tech staff and engineers: if you are having a problem with your 414, change the cable!
I was fortunate to learn why years later. They are known current hogs, and any oxidation on the sheild of the mic cable (one might be surprised at how much of That exists in studios) translates to undue resistance which causes the "is that mic broken?" question in the first place (no I have not done a detailed failure analysis of the 414).
This seems to apply to all versions.
I know the earliest version's DC-DC converter typically hogged the current leaving little for the amp.
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Jan 11 16 10:30 PM

I've read that it's a good idea to give the 414 its own phantom power supply with a short cable going to the mic.

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Jan 12 16 10:02 AM

All compliant phantom power supplies feed 48V through two 6k8 resistors, one on pin2 and one on pin3, which limits current to about 14mA max. That makes cable length and resistance trivial, within reason. However, David's point about oxidation is right on the money. I've also seen non-compliant phantom supplies providing less than 48V, which would result in less available current.

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Jan 24 17 6:31 PM

Capsule screws

A little OT, but still 414 related. At the NAMM show I found out that the screws that hold the capsule to its cradle are M1.6. I never thought to ask about the length. Too short and it won't be secure. Too long and it will bottom out in the brass capsule body. Anyone have any idea on the length? I think I will use allen head screws because they are so tiny, it would be hard to screw them using a small screw driver

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