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Mar 16 16 9:45 PM

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Check this out: http://www.duetdisplay.com

It allows you to use an iOS device as a second display, either in extended Desktop or mirroring configuration. The iOS device retains its touch screen functionality. The iOS app is currently on sale for $9.99. The app that installs on the computer is free. It works with both Mac OS and Windows. I'm using it right now and found that it works with an iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation. Brilliant!
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Mar 17 16 10:51 AM

I thought about this for use with laptop.

Wound up getting V-Control, which I hardly wound up using... :(

Can you use the Mix screen on iPad and control the faders?

What about plugins? Can you pop em open and make adjustments?



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Mar 20 16 7:21 PM

Hi Mario,
I have an iPad 2 and have been testing this with Logic Pro X. When I put Logic's Mixer window on the iPad, I can have 13 of the standard narrow channel strips before I get a horizontal scrollbar in the Mixer window. Vertically, the entire Mixer window easily fits on the screen. However, duet display apparently has a contextual scaling algorithm because when I put a plug-in window on the iPad screen, such as Logic's Compressor plug-in, the plug-in window takes up the entire iPad screen, which is good. To your other question, the iPad display works with all connected input devices like mice, keyboards, trackpads, etc, but it still retains it's touch screen functionality, so you can use your fingers to do anything you would normally do with a mouse or trackpad. The iPad appears in the Displays Preference Panel in OS X just like any 2nd display too. So cool...

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