Apr 26 16 4:37 PM

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I have been running OS X 10.9.5 on my old Mac Pro tower and it's been a great setup. Thanks to Sound Radix 32 Lives, I have been able to seamlessly run all my old 32-bit plug-ins in Logic Pro X. However, there are some apps I want to run that require OS X 10.10.x or newer. I thought if I am going to bother to upgrade the OS, I am going to go ahead and make the jump to 10.11.x. So...Sunday evening, I ran one last Time Machine backup and Carbon Copy Cloner update on 10.9.5, then upgraded to OS X 10.11.4. It made yesterday a long day of updating drivers, plug-ins and apps. So here are some results if anyone is interested: 

- If a plug-in can't pass AU validation in a 32-bit app, 32 Lives can't wrap it into a usable 64-bit plug-in. The URS N Series and A Series EQ plug-ins will no longer pass AU validation in Logic Pro 9.1.8 running in 32-bit mode on my system. So my only URS plug-ins are dead. Not the end of the world. I liked these plug-ins but I haven't used them in a long time and have since found EQ plug-ins I like better. 

- The Abbey Road/EMI TG 1969 and 2005 compressor plug-ins also failed 32-bit AU validation. Again, not the end of the world for me. To be quite honest, as much as I wanted to like these plug-ins, I wound up never using them. They weren't bad but I always found something I liked better when mixing. 

- The Eiosis E2Deesser also failed 32-bit AU validation. Ouch. OUCH!! Eiosis announced plans to re-release E2Deesser as a module for the Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack. Eiosis has said they will issue free licenses to previous owners of E2Deesser. When E2Deesser is released for VMR, I will pony up the $199.00 USD for VMR. E2Deesser is/was that good. For now, I will make do with other options. 

Some of my other plug-ins were failing 32-bit AU validation but they all have 64-bit options now, like Drumogog 4 (Drumagog 5 is 64-bit now), Dynamic Spectrum Mapper (DSM II is 64-bit now), etc. The only 64-bit plug-ins that broke were the iZotope RX4 plug-ins. I paid for the $99 upgrade to RX5 and they're all working again. 

TC Electronic continues to release updated 64-bit drivers for PowerCore hardware even though the plug-ins themselves are no longer being updated. I installed the PowerCore4.5.0b64 beta driver and my old PowerCore FireWire is playing along. It has several plug-ins I like but the pièce de résistance for a non-Pro Tools system is of course the Access Virus synth plug-in. The PowerCore's plug-ins are all working so far but it's starting to feel a bit rickety. On the other hand, as much as I like Access Virus I don't want to be held hostage by it forever. With the Alchemy plug-in and the MIDI plug-ins that come with Logic Pro X, there is no shortage of beautiful, spacey, morphing atmospheres and wild arpeggiating sounds available to me. I suppose I could get Omnisphere 2 if I ever run out of textures..

Apple continues to update the drivers for the old Emagic MIDI interfaces, so I am okay there too. 

Had this turned out to be a disaster, I would have used my CCC clone and put everything back the way it was before I started this on Sunday evening. But so far, it's working well enough. Lots of audio softwares and nearly all plug-ins made the turn without issue. 

I know Pro Tools systems are a different animal but I thought I would post this for anyone else facing this. Think ahead, plan carefully, give yourself recovery/rebuild time and you will get through it.