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May 5 16 6:01 AM

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Need to record a concert in a small venue and thinking of using Reaper on a Laptop for this.
Just two tracks over USB, haven't decided on the interface.
External USB recording drive.
Main concern is workflow and file management.
Total time should be 2-2 1/2 hours.
Perhaps 3 or 4 different ensembles.

How would you approach this?
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Jul 21 16 4:40 AM

Hi everyone, long time no write !
I've been using Reaper for multitrack location recording for 5 years now and it never failed me.
Once the mics are set up, start up is usually 20 seconds from turning on the computer (MacBookAir) to press Rec (with no session prep).
You can record on the fly and rearrange your sessions later on . All the sound bytes are in the Audio Files folder (or in the Reaper Media folder if you didn't create a dedicated one), and it will easily search and find the good files if you cut and create new sessions per formation from the "root" session. I never lost a file or had a sync problem. Rocksolid and painless.

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Aug 4 16 11:39 AM

There was one thing that caused a minor heart attack the first time it happened to me on a location recording. By default Reaper starts making new files after they hit 1GB in size. This means that after about an hour of recording nonstop at 24/96, it will start writing to a new file, and the previous hour's worth of wave files suddenly appear blank rather than a rendering of the wave within Reaper. Don't panic, the files and all the recording data are still there. Once you hit stop it will redraw them.

Also, not so much a location tip, but I found the Ripple Edit mode on all tracks to be my best friend (for my workflow at least) during editing where I cut out all the unnecessary spaces between pieces, sets, etc. I can't imagine going back to a DAW that doesn't have Ripple at this point. YMMV.

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Jan 24 17 6:46 PM

I've been using Reaper for location recording for a few years now,  with great success. It's without any doubt the most stable DAW I've ever used in the native realm. A couple of boobytraps in the GUI to watch for though:

1. The Loop button (right beside the record button). If you accidentally have a region selected when you hit record, it will loop when it hits the end of the region. Learned that one the hard way!

2. The Varispeed slider smack dab in the middle of the workspace.  If you like to use your mouse scroll wheel for zooming in the edit window and accidentally come anywhere near that control...YIKES!

Also, I highly recommend disabling the space bar during record for location work. This way you have to actually click on the record button to stop recording which prompts you with an "are you sure?". Saved my bacon on more than one occasion...

Used Reaper as my primary reorder for this gig a couple of days ago:


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Feb 13 17 4:54 PM

Any other good reaper location notes? I use the dual record drive so that it streams audio to both disks at once - in case of HDD failure.
I really like the idea about disabling the space bar.

What about printing internal live 2mix?


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