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Aug 30 16 2:15 PM

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This has been driving me nuts but I'm sure there's a simple solution. I'd like to create a stereo bus (for drums, for example) and send tracks to it as I do in other DAWs, with the option of stopping the feed to the master stereo bus on the routed channels or not.
I'd also like to make stereo channels for effects returns that are fed from the sends on channels.
I feel like an idiot and should be able to figure this out on my own,but.....HELP!

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Aug 30 16 3:11 PM

Never mind the question...when using 'active topics' mode the sub category doesn't appear...

Any way to answer yours, just unclick 'parent' to keep anything out of master bus...feeding effects works easy, in that each individual track can be fed to a bus containing whatever effect you like...

I remember doing it that way anyhow

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Aug 30 16 5:18 PM

To route tracks through a bus:

1. Create an empty channel called Drum Bus
2. Control-click to highlight all of the channels you want to send to it
3. Click and drag the highlighted channels so that your mouse cursor is positioned over the Drum Bus channel. Watch the blue line that indicates where it's going to drop the selected channels. You'll see that the line is fully to the left when your mouse cursor near the top/bottom of a channel, and it indents slightly to the right when your mouse is over the middle of the channel. You want the line to be indented under the drum bus channel when you let go of the mouse button so that it drops all of the drum tracks as children of the Drum Bus, which now becomes a collapsible a folder. Audio is automatically routed through the Drum Bus (parent folder) prior to the master bus unless you un-check "Master send" in the i/o dialogue box of a child track (labeled "route" in the newest version of Reaper), and then you can choose the desired destination via the "Add a new send" drop-down in the same dialogue box, or via the routing matrix (alt-r).

To create an effects send/return:

1. Create a blank channel called "Reverb"
2. Insert your reverb plugin of choice, 100% wet
3. To send your Snare (in parallel) to the reverb, you can do one of the following:
a. click and hold the "i/o" (aka "route") button of the "Snare" track, and drag it to the "Reverb" track and let go. You will get a send parameters dialogue box where you can adjust the send level, panning, etc.
b. click the i/o (route) button on the Snare channel, pull down the "Add a new send" drop-down, and select Reverb.
c. Click the i/o (route) button on the Reverb channel, pull down the "Add a new receive" drop-down, and select Snare.
d. Press alt-r to bring up the routing matrix. Find "Snare" in the vertical axis, and "Reverb" in the horizontal axis. Click on their intersection, and adjust the level.

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Aug 31 16 8:56 AM

covered well in post above. HOWEVER... do note that if setting up a folder to use as a bus, send levels for individual tracks within the folder will NOT follow the folder master fader.
i.e. if you have 10 drum tracks all in a "drum bus" folder. and the "snare" track in that folder has a send to a reverb, adjusting the overall folder level (the drums), will NOT affect the snare reverb send level. meaning as you turn the drums down, the snare reverb gets more prominent.

you can either use VCA groups or simply lower all faders together in the folder to have sends follow.

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Aug 31 16 9:45 AM

Wow, I wasn't aware they had added VCA functionality. That's pretty cool. I was still using a work-around of sending the snare in parallel to multi-channels 3/4 of the drum bus, and then sending 3/4 of the drum bus to the reverb.

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