Ruby Baby

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May 9 17 10:59 AM

Back in the 70's when the existence of those tapes was revealed but before we heard what was on them, I had a friend who said, "If those tapes ever see the light of day they'll have nothing on them but old Dobie Gillis shows..." I was inclined to agree but was fortunately proven wrong.

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Aqua Marine

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May 13 17 8:57 AM

My wife the news junkie watched the entire Watergate proceedings and several times she has told me about when Alexander Butterfield revealed that they were always taping stuff inthe Oval Office.  She said she stood up and said (essentially) WTF?  

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Platinum Blonde

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May 13 17 11:37 AM

"all the president's men" has long been one of my favorites. i just started rereading the follow-up "the final days", which is actually even better. slow read, as it's dense with detail, but a great account of nixon's last 100 days.

i can't imagine what inspired me to pick that book up again this week. 



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