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Dec 29 16 4:35 PM

weedywet wrote:
Pointing up??

Recording the cross stick where it looks over the edge of the snare drum.
I picked this up about 20+ yrs. ago from a reggae F.O.H. engineer. He would use it to feed his dub delays. 
With EQ I was able to turn it into something less-than-familiar, which helped the intention.

André Champaloux 

"The biggest question this thread has actually raised is: When do we start to serve the artist more than our insecurities?" - Fletcher

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Dec 30 16 11:58 AM

Well, it does make some sense. It's looking exactly at where the stick hits the rim...and, low enough to get the shell.

It'd be nice to hear some of it Andre when it's all done.

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