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Dec 2 16 4:01 PM

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I'm curious which companies people are using to insure their equipment. Are there companies that you have had good or bad experiences with?

I have been using Clarion for a while. I have no complaints (although I've never filed a claim, either). But, I would prefer a company which would allow me to make monthly payments instead of an annual payment. Clarion hasn't been willing to do that thus far. 

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Dec 3 16 6:11 AM

The studio insurance program written by Joe Monterello (for Peerless insurance companies originally). I helped Joe with this about 15 years ago. He wanted a comprehensive policy so it includes things like intellectual property rights and things like that. Joe is also a great bass player.


Have had 3 associates paid off with no problem by the company, one fire (Black Dog Studio) two robberies (Scott MacPhersons CMG Studio and Black Dog Studio) and 911 ( John Kings, Chung King "House of Metal" Studios). No one but the studio program paid anyone else I know 40k because they could not get to their studio for a month post a terrorist attack!

They do yearly, monthly or quarterly payment programs.

I use to have Clarion as well. Decent company. Never had to do a claim though. No IPR insurance coverage that I know of.

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Dec 3 16 3:44 PM

I have insurance through Joe Monterello. When I asked about custom built equipment and how that would be handled he had all the right answers. That combined with Larry's experience convinced me. I haven't had to collect thankfully.

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Dec 4 16 7:53 AM

Neither have I, knock wood.

Around the end of the 80's my studio in California was robbed and dealing with the insurance company I had at that time took over a year to get everything settled. Three months just to get back up and running in business. It was nuts.

I'm not happy about the price increase in the studio insurance program over the last 15 years but what are you going to do. I have much less insurance now then I did when I started but I also have a lot less equipment.

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Dec 22 16 5:58 PM

+100 on Joe Montarello and the Recording Studio program. Can't say enough good stuff about them (specifically for US, as engineers).
Joe Montarello
The Recording Studio Insurance ProgramArthur J. Gallagher & Co.
677 Broadway
Albany, NY  12207
Fax: 518-533-6869

Garrett Haines Chief Mastering Engineer, Treelady Studios www.treelady.com Senior Contributor, Tape Op Magazine www.tapeop.com

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Dec 30 16 5:50 AM

Clarion is good as well, doesn't cover as much. I also never had to collect with them. Joe had me switch over to them once and come back after a year to get a lower rate. The BS these insurance companies have you do is ridiculous sometimes... but it worked.

When it comes to collecting, I know there would be no problem with the Studio Insurance Program.

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