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Jan 17 17 10:21 AM

seth wrote:
I have one old Neve 1064 module that I love and use probably more than anything else. For reasons I can't explain it sounds better to me than any 1073 I've ever used, which doesn't make sense: the preamps should be exactly the same. But whenever I use other preamps I'm reminded that the differences among good ones are miniscule compared to what comes before it.

I'm not surprised Seth.  Rupert changed and substituted parts all the time.  He couldn't always get the same things and they would sometimes run out in the middle of a build.  More than once did Mrs. Neve have to fly to Texas to get parts from TI.  The transformers changed several times over the years. They influence the sound greatly.  So not all 10XX series are the same.

In our shootouts (and we did extensive ones when I was writing about the history of Electrodyne, Q8 & Sphere) you would have been amazed at the differences we encountered between a lot of the Neve modules we had in there.  Yet everybody thinks they are the same. 

I did this testing to justify getting rid of my Neve BCM10 sidecar and Flickinger 281 console.  The Electrodyne console replaced those two... the Langevin tube console replaced the Electrodyne.  After experiencing all this great sound for myself firsthand... for years... I am more than content with what I ended up with.

Friends thought I was crazy for getting rid of the Neve and the Flickinger but a name does nothing for me. Sound is where it's at.  Once I hear something that sounds right to me I have no problem using that tool.  In fact my results are often better because of this. YMWV.