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Dec 23 16 10:11 AM

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i know there's not much action here, but wanted to mention that the built-in remote control feature in the latest (5.30) version of reaper is a lifesaver/game changer for me.  in short, you can easily control reaper right from an android pad or ipad.  takes all of 2 seconds to set it up.
to wit, last week i recorded a holiday song (posted elsewhere in the whatever worksforum), playing all instruments (piano, drums, upright bass, sax, guitars, etc).  i put my android pad on a mic stand mount and was able to slap away at the giant doghouse bass for several takes without ever having to move an inch.  awesome.   same thing with the drums. never left the drumstool.   for recording horns it was a godsend. if you've ever tried to operate a DAW on a desktop with a huge, heavy bari sax hanging around your neck, you'll instantly appreciate just staying put at the mic and tapping on a pad.
if you're producing and want to be out on the floor with the talent,  it is great as well.  also makes it super easy to "sneak" into record while you're on the floor getting the talent to just "run through it once before we record."  (yeah, that old trick)
anyway.  it is a very cool and very useful feature.  (especially in a place like mine where recording spaces are located different floors)
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