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Mar 3 17 6:34 AM

morespaceecho wrote:

tbethel wrote:
Not sure what that means or what is is referring to? Care to elaborate???

read scullyfan's post. 

you don't think moving a messageboard with thousands of archived messages is more of a hassle than switching host companies for your mastering website? i mean, i don't know. maybe it isn't. but i imagine if it was some simple thing for terry to snap his fingers and move the board to some perfect hosting site, he would do that. 

if i was the one running the board and saw your post, i'd say "fine, YOU take care of it then."

So why not just say that? The "eye rolling" was not to helpful. FWIW.

I agree that moving it maybe a big deal but has anyone even thought of that??? It seems like Lefora' webboards are back 10 years ago with all the hoops one has to jump though to post pictures or music on this site. This is a very good place for discussions and deserves a good host.

"eye roiling"

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Mar 3 17 10:35 AM

fwiw posting pictures is easy: click on 'show albums', upload pictures, drag and drop them into your post. simple. or just link to your photobucket site or whatever. likewise music, how hard is it to post a link to bandcamp/soundcloud or whatever? you can embed youtube links with a couple clicks.

i think this place is way easier on the eyes than the PSW site, or GS or the (essentially dead) tapeop board. posting is not without its quirks, for sure, but i don't feel like it's some horrible nightmare here.




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