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Feb 7 17 9:10 AM

What monitors do you have on them?
Need something for Focal CMS65 which are about 11kg each  - think these would be suitable?

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Feb 9 17 10:13 PM

compasspnt wrote:

Price is great as well.


The price is really great. You could barely do a DIY for less.

I like a method similar to the PVC method posted. I like a length of PVC stuck in a big bucket of sand. Then fill the PVC tube with sand. For a top plate for the speakers to rest on, attach a short length of smaller diameter PVC pipe to the bottom of the plate. Slide that into the pipe stuck in the sand. Done. The precariousness of just having it balanced in the sand and further decoupled at the top of the tube is the key. Sounds really good.

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Feb 16 17 9:33 PM

Looks like you got the last pair. It says " Currently unavailable." Are they heavy to mechanically absorb sound  transmission?

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Feb 20 17 10:23 AM

chance wrote:
Looks like you got the last pair. It says " Currently unavailable." 

I clicked the Amazon link and acted like I was going to order some--it seems like they are now available again.  

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