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Jan 7 17 10:10 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I was listening to Abbey Road this week and I noticed a sound in "Her Majesty" I'd never noticed before - on the left side, in seconds 2-5 of the song. It's a bit tricky to hear, because it's quiet and the song starts off with that loud crash, as you know. It sounds like something one might achieve with a modulated delay, or perhaps done with a slide guitar. Does anybody else hear this? I'm wondering what it is! I can't find any notes on the recording of the song beyond it being initially played during the "Let It Be" sessions (where there is some goofing-around slide guitar playing along) and then that it was recorded again for Abbey Road, very simply with just Paul and guitar. But there is another sound in there!


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Jan 7 17 8:52 PM

Hi, Yep. I hear it. Sounds like a slide guitar ala Wild Honey Pie. Since another version of Her Majesty ( The 8ve up vocal version) has some slide on it, my guess is it might be headphone bleed (although it sounds a little hi-fi to be that) from a vocal punch while hearing a slide that was in the headphones only during the punch, but wasn't ulitmately used. Ask Macca... :)

Rumor has it the version you reference was a one pass event before the rest of the lads arrived... So, I might be totally wrong.

Had never heard it before after years of listening to the ouvre under a microscope. So, thanks for that. 

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