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Jan 18 17 9:13 PM

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Anyone else have one and dig it?

I picked one up from a friend a year or so ago, because he was selling it for a silly cheap price ($30) and I guess I must have had money burning a hole in my pocket.

Hadn't really given it an in depth run through until a couple weeks ago. I was surprised by what a familiar tone it has, though I guess I shouldn't be. Instant Aerosmith-esque (ala their version of Train Kept A Rollin era) sounds...what I think of as 70s classic rock tones, with a Les Paul.

Apparently the one I have has the same chip as an old Tubescreamer, though slightly earlier OD-1s are supposedly "better". For some bizarre reason, the one I have drains a battery, even if nothing is plugged in. Other than that, really nice pedal, crunchy and familiar sounding overdrive.

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Jan 18 17 11:52 PM

I like mine plenty, have had it only a few months, bought it brand new for like 49 bucks.
I do not get into that whole "vintage V new" nonsense. It means almost nothing in guitar pedal land.
Unless you're talking ancient 1960s stuff... then of course there is a difference.

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Aqua Marine

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Jan 19 17 12:30 AM

In this case, it is a vintage one...though it seems weird to think of something like a pedal from the 80s as vintage.

It's not the newer "OD1X".

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Jan 19 17 7:07 AM

The Roland/BOSS pedals made in Japan early in the run of the BOSS brand were as a population quite good, and in many (but not all) cases are noticeably different and generally preferred over their modern counterparts.

Is a modern BOSS pedal going to stop me from doing what I need to do? Absolutely not.

But if three magenta-colored BOSS analog delays were sitting on a shelf next to one another looking very much alike... let's say there's one DM-2 from 1982 with a 3005 BBD chip, one DM-3 from 1988, and one DM-2W from 2016.... assuming all are in good working order and I can freely use any one I want, I'm probably picking the original DM-2 every single time.

All three of those pedals will sound noticeably different from one another. The difference between someone buying the record and no? Certainly not, in and of itself. But it's at least as big a difference as "vintage versus new" with almost any other gear.

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