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Feb 1 17 10:24 PM

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Hi All,

I'm James, a newbe ! 

can anyone help with my slave amp it has gone into protection mode ?

last time it did this Fix My Amp charged me £98 to reset it, is there anyway I can do it myself ?

Any help would be apreciated 


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Feb 2 17 12:41 AM

There are lots of things that can cause this - some expensive and some not. Do you have any idea what Fix My Amp repaired last time?

Or was it like turning off the Check Engine light?

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Feb 2 17 9:43 AM

On the Adastra 240 you can only use either the 100V or the 8 ohm outputs, you cannot use both at the same time. Also, that amp will not drive a load less than 8 ohms. Other then that, the cooling vents need to be clear of debris and able to breathe. Probably obvious, but worth mentioning, the 8 ohm speakers must be connected to the common and 8 ohm terminal and not the 100V terminal.

Hope that helps.

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