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Melodium 42B ribbon microphones matched pair, from the early 50's, fully serviced, very rare, one of the hugest bidirectional (fig of 8) microphone (2,6kg / 5,85lbs).

Download 10 HD pictures + frequency sweep : http://www.infernalemachine.com/DATAPANIK/MELODIUM/Melodium_42B-pair.zip

The Melodium 42B is one of the best ribbon microphones ever built. It sounds amazing and it has an impressive frequency response (please see original Melodium tech doc attached). The company started the manufacturing of this microphone in 1932 (!).

Please see the frequency sweep (matched pair) - really this is as good as we can hope with 60 years old microphones.

The motors were cleaned to remove particles and rust, ribbon clamps are
cleaned of oxidation to ensure good contact and low noise.

The mic sounds amazing, huge with big bottom and up to specs. Less darker than a RCA44 with a flat frequency response = 30Hz > 15000kHz.

They came with new matched ribbons with the same specs, all complete, mics have a new Switchraft XLR universal back connector.

They are from the early 50's and came from the ORTF (Office Radio & Television Française - French Tv and Radio).

I sincerely think that it might be a long time before one could find a pair of perfectly original 42B's in this fully restored condition.

Serial numbers : 8132 & 9158

I'm happy to ship worldwide in a very strong and safety parcel, 24h delivery in EU, 48h delivery to US with DHL Express, fully insured shipping.

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have and I will be happy to provide any additional information or photos.

Price : SOLD including worldwide fully insured shipping.


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