Feb 6 17 5:40 PM

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I found a Yamaha RX15 and Behringer 1202 mixer at the thrift shop.

The 1202 is missing a few knobs and was really dirty but didn't smell like smoke unusually enough. I took it apart and washed all the parts ( not main board ).
Look sgreat now. th epower connecter is a bit strange. It has two longish wires sticking out and looks like maybe the third broke off. I honestly can't tell if somehow someone solderd longer contacts or what. But I plugged it in and it fired up. I can either solder it in and make my own inline connecter or leave as is. It's a curiosity more than anything.

What I want to do though is....
Clean all 1/4" jacks
Clean the slide fader
Clean the little pushbutton switches
The board itself still looks new.
So what should I use for those three items.

RX15... this one's a differnt story.
It's been dropped at one time as a mount was broken. Main board is dirty. Several flat ribbon, molex, and those other little plastic connectors for which I don;t know the name.
The board itself is dirty.
I think it works but say the ride or hihat would have a staticky retriggering. the caps do pop off those tap pads. there is again a switch and a couple little gold contacts.

So what can I clan all this stuff with? I don;t want to damamge the plastic or otherwise ruin anything.

If it takes several items thats fine as I'll have to order all the supplies anyway.

What's my best plan of attack?...... oh and if anyone knows where I cna find any knobs cheap. I -think- I have found someone on ebay that I hope can convince to make me a custom order of old knobs as I ned 2x red, blue, black and most people want more for a few knobs than I paid for all of this stuff.



ETA: Well if anyone is playing along with the home game, I tried some CRC QD from Home Depot.. It quite magically did practically nothing. No residue left over, fast drying, and .... no removal of the dirt and film. I couldn't believe it. I figured the pressure of the spray alone would knock some of the dirt film off the board and from around the components. After it dried the board looked axactly like it did before I started. A film of dirt/dust all over it.

I've gone to hand scrubbing the whole deal, which does nothing for places I can't reach inside switches and jacks.


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