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Feb 16 17 7:21 PM

They reduced the most interesting part of the story to a couple sentences.

Without telling him, she launched an extensive search to track it down that ultimately led to Gary's Classic Guitars in Loveland, Ohio. Proprietor Gary Dick had acquired it about 10 years ago, though it seems like Julie Fogerty masked her identity when buying it. "She made herself anonymous," says Fogerty. "How's that?"

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Aqua Marine

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Feb 17 17 11:19 AM

The ONLY way a guitar costing $40k+ is coming into my house is if it's her idea.

Very cool story, though. It's fascinating to study how a guitar (or any other stimulus) can set off a bucket brigade of creativity. The sound and feel of that Ric has probably opened up pathways in his brain that haven't been trod for 40 years.

"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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Aqua Marine

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Feb 17 17 12:46 PM

maarvold wrote:
Cool story... kind of like a kid who loses his dog when he moves and the dog finds him again 2,000 miles away.  

Wasn't there a movie called "Homeward Bound" that was a true story?

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Ruby Baby

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Feb 17 17 4:00 PM

"The Incredible Journey" I remember it vividly. Two dogs and a cat cross Canada. I was really embarrassed when I was a little kid because I cried at the end.

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