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Feb 19 17 6:06 PM

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so many ways to go on this article, which is really a 'well yeah, duh' sorta thing - from 'yeah, i can see why some artists don't like their music being played at political events'... to 'ok, now we can justify banning music'.

some music lends it's self to this sorta thing.

did they hafta use james brown as an example?



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Feb 19 17 8:25 PM

"Ziv’s research would instead suggest that “easy listening” tunes carry the most danger."

I know that hearing "Songbird" makes me feel far more disposed to physical violence than does "Giant Steps".

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Feb 19 17 9:38 PM

I'm not sure I buy their conclusions. It's also possible that having music playing distracts the listener from making judgements that require complex thought by engaging the auditory system. They should include hearing noise as a control.

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Feb 20 17 9:58 AM

music has the power to alter people’s moral judgements.

So does whiskey... so does the prospect of big money... as well as probably a hundred other things.  But it's like the music business has a big "Kick Me" sign hanging on it's ass at the moment.  IMO, probably the bigger questions are things like: Are concepts like empathy or a moral compass lessening in society?  I'd like to read a study like that.  

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