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Feb 20 17 10:05 AM

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Just that, really. There's one in the studio where I work that gets through one a year on average. Seems like a lot but the unit has been checked over by the official repairers and given a clean bill of health.
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Feb 20 17 10:41 AM

I hope not nearly as often! I have two, and one is still fine, one had channel 4 blown and I killed the opamp from 3 and probably broke 3 by trying to swap them.

Chris Johnson, airwindows.com

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Feb 22 17 12:40 AM

Fucking Lefora just ate my reply..

I had a number of issues with 3124s back in the 1990s , not due to the device, or it's design, but apparently a bad batch of 2520s

I'd be curious to know what the date codes were on the defective one's you've found...

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Feb 22 17 9:00 AM

I have a lunch box with six channels of preamps using John Hardy op amps, and I've never blown any of them.

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Mar 1 17 12:57 PM

Sorry for late reply. Thanks everyone. It's not my unit and I haven't been the one replacing the op-amps, but I am pretty sure they're not all from the same batch. It just seems that one will go poof every year or so for no obvious reason. Thankfully API and their UK distributors have been helpful about replacing them so far.

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