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Feb 20 17 10:10 PM

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The Ten Meter Tower (diving) This film is a captivating look at people facing their fear. I was laughing and crying watching these.

I remember as a teenager, jumping from a tower once or twice, I'm sure it was probably a 5m tower, and that was scary enough.

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Feb 21 17 12:37 AM

the link didn't take me there either, was that the german one?

i dove three meter spring board and ten meter tower. (clayton-shaw park, barry) way fun.

doing a three and a half was ok... but i was chicken to just straight up jump...
seemed like a good way to end up with yer nuts up around yer ears.


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Feb 21 17 9:09 AM

that was great!

i've never done any kind of diving, much less 10 meters, but that looks considerably less scary than standing on top of a ladder screwing shit into a 13'6" high ceiling, which is how i've been spending my days lately.



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Feb 21 17 8:29 PM

I've spent time fifty feet up in a Genie lift. I can't say I enjoyed it. My muscles were so tight the times I was in the lift I ached after I got out. 

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