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Mar 3 17 12:49 PM

jesse decarlo wrote:
Any PRW folks ever work with that desk?

Not that particular desk but I purchased an original EMI TG12345 desk to make the Fab Four Virtual Instrument collection plus the REDD tube desk that preceded it, and much prefered the sound of the REDD (as did Geoff Emerick).

There's a pic of the desk Ken Scott and I used for Fab Four in this article.



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Mar 3 17 3:04 PM

Wow, 22 channels of 'faders'. I absolutely love the giant Frankenstein 'push the lever' faders. I've often wanted to make a desk that way.

I wouldn't be surprised if that became collector bait and was never used again, regardless of whether it's in working condition. The Dark Side console? That's historic importance. Ought to be in the Smithsonian.

That, or Dave Grohl can take to buying up all the great consoles of history :) heck, he got the one from Sound City, why not this?

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Mar 3 17 4:43 PM

Should fetch close to a million, maybe a bit more. Wonder what kind of condition it's in, and how difficult it is to acquire components/parts for maintenance? Pretty cool if you got the $$$...

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Mar 30 17 6:19 AM

1.8 million dollars for an audio console... That's just crazy.

We are all crazy in this business... don't even try to deny it. You all be crazy... just like me!

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