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Mar 5 17 10:35 PM

spiritwalker wrote:

gtoledo3 wrote:
I love the part with Nigel's guitar room.

Here's an interview with Jeff Beck that reminds me of that interview section.

i was always under the impression that they used this one as the basis:


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Mar 6 17 9:08 AM

I about died laughing at the nod to Jimmy Page when Nigel picked up the violin to bow his guitar during his "solo"...and then lost it when he stopped to tune the violin before continuing.

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Mar 6 17 9:42 AM

Haven't seen Spinal Tap in many years.  From my point-of-view, it was a tragedy, not a comedy, because it was way too close to the truth in many ways.  For several years I toured with a band with a nearly 6' tall beautiful girl singer who also played violin and she always had a boyfriend in the band: first the drummer, then the bass player.  Based on this ongoing reality for me at the time, the thing in the film that was absolutely, perfectly right on th money was when the girlfriend and the lead guitar player showed up with the insect costumes and the guitar player's costume was cool, but everybody else's was really stupid-looking.  This was such a brutally accurate analogy for how band dynamics function it made me queasy.  I can't tell you how many times I would be having breakfast with one of my bandmates and the girl and her 'spouse' would come down and say, "You know, we (her and the boyfriend) were talking and we decided that the band should do blah blah blah".  We would just think "wtf"?  

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