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May 19 17 8:31 PM

It's a bit of a kludge, but I use a combination of Pro Tools Control and


on an iPad mini.

You can use a thing called V-Window to get at the edit window, tho you won't be doing much editing. I use that feature more for navigating the session

The EUCON thing is really deficient for navigating the session, but cool for navigating the file… if you know what I mean.


John Whynot

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May 20 17 12:09 AM

archtop wrote:
I would advise the guy wanting to engineer and drum to learn to use the count-off feature of the click and learn how many bars it takes (for that particular BPM) to walk to the drums, sit down, put on headphones. and then recording starts automatically.

I've been doing it that way for years and it is sorta moderately barbaric, for sure. I'm a cheap bastard too and so I got Mocha VNC Lite for free. I set it up and it works with my iPad and phone but I haven't actually used it in a session yet so I can't really report on it.

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