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Mar 10 17 10:19 AM

I modelled the concept of my subs after the Bag End ELF system--based on one of his innovations.  And I often use near field monitors when I'm recording.  Thank you, Mr. Long, for touching my life in 2 important ways... probably many more as well.  Rest in peace.  

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Mar 10 17 4:19 PM

I had two of his pre-Crown PZM mics years ago. I mounted them on clear acrylic squares and flew them unobtrusively in the room. I'll never forget the look on an advertising exec's face when he heard a small string section being recorded by "invisible microphones" on an ad session.
Thank you, Ed, for so much of what we take for granted in audio today. We owe you big time.

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Aqua Marine

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Mar 12 17 10:30 PM

Aww, RIP, Ed. I don't think most people in our field know of him or what a huge influence he had on how we do what we do.
My main monitors are still essentially heavily modified MDM-4's.

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